A little more about being “differnet” on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 14…

Hello Diary…
Nearing the end of a active week, taking care of things and planning for the fall and winter… now taking a break and while contemplating the yesterdays and tomorrows while sipping on a spot of tea, heard a song I had not heard in years…I originally heard it sung by Hank Snow ( I know, it was before your time, Diary, smile) but today heard it sung by a young lady named Karen Young… she did a wonderful job… it is a story of a young orphan boy who is blind… he was different and did not fit society’s standards or criteria….

Thought of little Bree first off… I got Bree when she was a little over 5 months old… I became her 4th owner…you see, she was different also..smile…



But over time she became a part of life, a bond we gathered because I am “different” also and did not try to change her but accepted her differences as she did mine.. She lays on the back of the chair and guards the house..
bree looking out the window
Makes sure I have the flowers taken care of
Bree in tulip bed
Goes on errands with me to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything
Bree and popcorn chicken
And we have our game of chase the light around 4 PM, rain or shine…smile

She does that and more, while most dogs will not, but she is different and no doubt would not fit in…

And then I think about all the other creatures that are “different” and do not meet society’s standards…not only animals but humans, children ( as well as adults) like the orphan boy in the song or like the little handicapped boy in the photo (found on the internet) who was abandoned by his parents when 5 years old…
handicapped boy

All who are “different” but not accepted by today’s society because they are…I see a lot of that on the path least traveled because, like Bree, me and the rest, the path is different also…

So, Diary, as you listen to the song (and you may wish to have a hanky handy), think of all those that are different, that may be found on the path least traveled and elsewhere…


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