A wonderful world….oh yeah…

Dear Diary Page 13…

Hello Diary…
A holiday today, Labor Day they say…didn’t do much laboring today…smile… had a quiet day for the most part, preparing for next week…did some techno work and rearranged the classroom to help learn Spanish a bit more easy….also prepared the Labor Day feast that has been a tradition here…

I had my Keilbasa, green peppers and onions, corn on the cob, ham & beans and home fries…
my labor day supper

Bree had her hotdogs, applesauce, a dash of ham and beans and Kittles and Bits..
bree labor day supper

Squirrels had corn on the cob also…
squirrek corn

Birds had corn OFF the cob…smile
bird corn

And while Bree and I were venturing down the path least traveled we saw trees of green, clouds of white and skies of blue….
blues skies

Saw red roses too..
red roses

So while venturing down our path least traveled, with the fragrance of green peppers and onions in the air, smile…. all I could say was “what a wonderful world”…. Oh Yeah….smile

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