To the 12th of Never…….

Dear Diary Page 8….

It’s evening here, all is serene
Waiting for the sandman, my love,
Thoughts of you fill my mind and heart
While gazing at stars above.

Trying to find the elusive words
That will allow this mortal to say,
In a thousand ways that I Love You
And will always do so each and every day.

Thoughts of you are in my mind
My spirit, yea my very heart,
Can’t find all the words I’m looking for
Don’t even know where to start.

So this will have to do, my love
For now it’s the best I can do,
To tell you from the bottom of my heart
How much that I love you!

A love that is without end
Through an eternity it will endure,
A love so wonderfully right
Beautiful, loving and pure.

And know this, my beloved
As I did, from the very start,
Your love will be locked forever
Inside this country boys heart.

To the 12th of Never and beyond……..

(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller 6-24-08)

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