School, poetry, song, yesterday, tomorrow and a time to say goodbye…

Dear Diary Page 6…

Have been quite active this past week, bringing some of the yesterdays to a close, making plans for the tomorrows.. (never bring yesterdays memories to a close and hoping to make news ones with the tomorrows)… decided to go back to school (online) and taking a course in Spanish so spent some time setting up my “school room”, I know a few words but decided to learn more… many are learning English to communicate so thought the least I could do was meet them half-way smile..

school room

A little more about Bree, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…..

been saying goodbye to friends and family this past year and one dear friend came to mind, though never met her physically… (front row, second from the right)


She lived in the English village of Skendleby, loved her Lincolnshire Wolds


And spent time at her favorite pub, The Blacksmith Arms


was a distant relative of Elizabeth Barrett Brown, and we shared many a thought and witnessed many a world event on the internet over the years, using email and messenger and an occasional letter.. only phoned a handful of times because of the expense..she was a telegrapher during WWII, in Civil Service and wrote for media and poetry in her early years..she was a die-hard Rugby fan…she passed away last fall at the young age of 88 and had her ashes scattered over the Wolds…. will share one of her poems she shared with me…. in her early years she used her pen name “Chris Clark”..

For here I shall always be,
For I was the heart of this village
And this village the heart of me.
Look for me in the tight-closed buds
That will be green for you in the spring
Like my flower-seeds I sleep
I am still here, in everything.
And listen for me in the spring
For my voice the birds I will sing
I am with you forever
And here I will always be,
For I was the HEART of this village
And it still holds the heart of ME!
(Chris Clark, Skendleby 18.12.2011)

I suppose in this mortal world it will be that way in all things, a time to say goodbye…

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