Dear Diary…. a little about Bree….

Dear Diary Page 2…

What one say about a little JR named Bree… a free spirit, perhaps, living and loving life, making the most out of every second of time knowing it will never come back again… a daring little dog whose curiosity knows no bounds, not afraid of leaving safe harbor… has taken it upon herself to defend our little realm and all that it contains… … not a vicious, aggressive little dog, but will stand her ground….think the following poem will give a little insight also…

Show me a Doberman,
I’ll cut him to size.
I’ll tear him to pieces
In front of your eyes.

I’m cocksure and bossy
The King of the Patch
Bring on your Alsations,
It won’t be a match.

I’m a dirty street fighter,
My language is foul.
I’ll fight to the death,
Never throw in the towel.

Don’t step near my missus,
Don’t push me too far,
Get right off my pavement
Take your hands off my car.

And when she’s alone,
I’ll sit on her knee,
She’ll know she’s quite safe,
Relying on me.

Don’t walk by my lorry,
When I’m at a show.
When I’m guarding my ponies,
I’m lethal to know.

I’ll follow a fox
To the depths of his lair,
But I like creature comforts…
Get out of my chair!

I won’t walk or heel
Or sit when I’m told,
But I’m loving, protective,
Brave, loyal, and bold.

My life’s full of moments,
Importance and bustle.
I know I’m the greatest…
I’m called a JACK RUSSELL!!!
Author Unknown

A picture of her checking the tulip bed early this spring, taking notes as to what needs to be done, I suspect… while keeping a close eye on me as I work with the weather instruments…

Bree in tulip bed

She is real good at supervising, here she is watching me as work on the small pond, preparing it for the summer after the winter doldrums….

Bree 3

Keeping watch for the auto, while I were indoors briefly shopping, and now waiting for me to finish loading the auto so she can enjoy her treat, her mostest favorite; popcorn chicken…she truly loves to ride, has all the comforts of home in the auto, just have to be vigilant about the weather…

Bree and popcorn chicken

Cannot leave without mentioning her mostest favorite song; Don’t Worry, Be Happy… smile..

And down the path least travel we continue, Bree and I, if Fate is willin’ and the creek’s don’t rise….

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