Dear Diary, The Beginning…..

Dear Diary Page 1…

The Beginning..

With the passing of my wife some time ago, in the near future me and my little JR, companion and friend, Bree, will be embarking on a new adventure… down the path least traveled… being independent and not into religion, am not in the so called “social box”, restrained by social chains, not catering to, or guided by, someone else’s ideology, so hopefully will be able to venture down the path with a relatively open, objective mind…

Though Kathy passed away after battling cancer, she, along with her friend and JR (who passed away before her), Miss Daisy, will be there in spirit…and we will explore and learn more about the planet Earth and all that it contains, more about ourselves, me and Bree, as time goes on… and maybe even the universe… we go through our daily lives cherishing every second as it will never come again….

But for now, in the “preparing” stage, making sure that history’s past is dealt with properly and all is in order, before setting sail, leaving safe harbor, eyes on the horizon… “preparing” for the venture down the path least traveled, if Fate is willin’ and the creeks don’t rise….ME



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